1 litre of Stopmyasis treats approximately 23 to 35 sheep for 3 doses depending on weight.

To put these prices into perspective we can compare Stopmyasis to Clik which is a commonly used alternative. Clik costs about £42.00 per litre.

Clik - Recommended dose 0.6 ml - 2 ml per KG.
A treatment of Clik at the minimum dose of 0.6 ml per KG on a 70KG sheep works out at £1.76

Stopmyasis - Each treatment lasts 5 - 6 weeks so for the same 15 - 18 weeks protection you will need 3 doses of 15 ml, totalling the same £1.76

If your sheep weigh less than 60KG or you use Clik at anything higher than the minimum recommended dose the costs will be cheaper with Stopmyasis.

With Stopmyasis you will have zero day withdrawal and will be using a repellent which does not contain any harmful chemicals with unknown long term effects on human health.

1 litre £39.00
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